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Here you can request recordings of Anglo-Saxon words for use in your Wiktionary. See also pronunciation files requests on commons. Could contributors also attempt to provide textual phonetics with OGGs, though this is not a necessary.

Her meaht þú ábiddan rihtstefne Engliscra worda tó brúcenne in þínre Wiciwordbéc. Séo éac pronunciation files requests in commons.

Ábiddunga / Béde[adiht]

  • Hwicce (Kingdom) - done
    • Ósric / Osric - done
    • Æðelweard / Æthelweard - done
    • Æðelric / Æthelric - done
    • Eanfrith
    • Eanhere
    • Óshere / Oshere
    • Æðelberht / Æthelberht
    • Osred
    • Eanberht
    • Uhtred
    • Ealdred
    • Eafe

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