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My abominations[adiht]



  • Put all new words and things in "Nīw* X" categories
  • Clean up all featured words' entries
    • Deal with pseudo-namespaces
  • Get Proto-Germanic stuff out of the "Nama" category
  • Get every entry to be at least somewhat standardized
  • Complete the acute -> macron transition
  • Move everything from ȝƿ to gw; kill dots
    • Maybe keep dots in some places, like in declension/conjugation tables
  • Make the comma the only thousands separator used for OE text
  • Decide if macrons/acutes should be in OE pagenames
  • Fix/completely change the logo
  • Clean up number entries, especially fēower
  • Merge dōn (Norþhymbrisc) and dōn (Anglisc) into dōn
    • Add West Saxon forms


  • Figure out how to make items on category pages sorted like they are on this page
  • Make pronoun entries substantial
    • Complete pronoun paradigms
  • Make nice declension and conjugation tables or import them from
  • Decide on an orthographic norm for Proto-Germanic words
  • Standardize and document terminology
  • Complete the "N*w* Englisc*" -> "Nīwenglisc*" transition
  • Make/import tables for translations


  • Category: -> Flocc: everywhere
  • Kill all unneeded MediaWiki: pages


  • Occitan stuff:
    • Add Occitan pronouns
    • Add tables for Occitan conjugation